Hello! I am “The Vision Blogger”. I am a Lifestyle & Motivational Blogger, Writer, and Poet. Grab a seat. Come along for this ride as I tackle life with the goal of inspiring and motivating others to do the same for the next person. Continue on for more information on Who I Am and What I do.

About Me

Who I Am

Hi. My name is Ebony Miles, better known as, “The Vision Blogger”. I from Houston, Texas where I am a full-time county employee, single mother of three, and sole business owner of Vision Tees And Things.

After experiencing a tragedy, I felt my life was on a huge billboard for the world to see. I started blogging to allow a glimpse of what was behind the billboard.

I write about lessons I have learned on a day-to-day basis as a single Christian mother and entrepreneur as I balance ministry, working full time, and dating.

What I Do

Over the years, I have not only continued to showcase my life lessons, but I have found myself pushing VISION. For a long time, before now, I lost my hopes and dreams. After finding my voice and learning what Vision means to me, I now, can help others find their voice and/or help push their Visions. I do this through:

Vision Parties

Here I get a group of people together, young and old, to cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, etc., and paste them onto a board for them to see daily. Not only will they see it, but we’ll work together to reach every goal on the board.

Events With Me

I am all about pushing and supporting other people’s Visions, ministries, and businesses. I will showcase my experiences through their events or even one-on-one interviews.

Poetry With Me

Like myself, I use writing as a tool to release feelings and emotions I may have from the day, week, month, or my entire life. I wanted to see those feelings and emotions from others and share them with the world. This page features work from published and unpublished poets and writers.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Have Times Changed???
    I returned from my latest cruise on Sunday, October 2nd.  This trip was my 11th voyage and was interesting to say the least.  Lots of things have changed in the world due to COVID, some good and some bad.  One thing I noticed on this trip was the attitudes of people have changed drastically. I … Continue reading Have Times Changed???
  • Who Are You Stagnating in Your Comfortability?
    At the beginning of the year, I made the decision that we were going to move out of the home my children and I currently live in. We were even in the process of buying a house before I was terminated from my job of almost 10 years, which you can read about that experience … Continue reading Who Are You Stagnating in Your Comfortability?
  • Finding peace through my broken pieces
    I know people have said never to question God, but I’m sorry, I do. Not knocking anyone who feels otherwise, but for me, I believe I can ask God ANYTHING. If it be His Will, I believe I’ll receive an answer. I believe we all receive answers to many questions not through words, but mostly through actions. Have you ever gone another direction you never intended going, get a little frustrated because you realize going that way would take you longer to get to your destination? You ask God, “Why would you let me go that way?” God says nothing. Then, you find out if you would’ve gone your previous direction, you would’ve got caught in the middle of a situation that had the possibility to create even more damage than you imagined. God never had to say a word. He showed you the situation. So, yes, I ask God why, and He answers.

Join The Fun!!!

If you would like to submit your own piece of writing or poetry to be featured here or if you’re looking for a host for your upcoming Vision Party, feel free to complete the contact form below this page.

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  1. Listen honey you are doing a PHENOMENAL WORK! I’m just happy to see God’s hand at work and honered to be apart. Love ya.

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