Walking It Out

walkingA few months ago, for the first time, I walked a full three miles. It was the Harris County 5K Walk. It happens every year after our health challenge. Hundreds of county employees come together and walk five kilometers (which I just found out was 3.107 Miles. I don’t know why I thought 5K meant 5 miles. Please, don’t judge me. LOL) We had a little late start because I waited for one of my co-workers to come, so I didn’t have to walk by myself. I decided to take my babies with me. We started a little after everyone had gotten off to a nice start and as we walked, it seemed like the crowd became farther and farther away from us.

There were a few stops here and there because I had my three wonderful children with me. The entire walk was an amazing and eye-opening experience for us. As we started out, I started to take in the scenery and beauty of the grass, trees, and just everything. As we started walking, we all had a huge momentum. I mean, we hit it full force. We had not even hit mile one when the walk became a little harder for the kids. At mile one, there was a group giving out water. I didn’t want any, but of course the kids wanted some. That little break slowed us down even more. People who started way after us started to pass us by. When we got to mile two, there was another water station and there were kids there to show us a short cut to get back to the front, but I was determined to finish. My mom ended up calling me to check on us because everyone had made it to the finish line. After that phone call, it felt like forever getting to the finish. Elijah tells me, “Mom, I hear the music.” I could hear it but I never thought that it was the music from the finish line. Minutes later, we see a sign that says “MILE 3”, which was just a few steps away from the finish line.

So, this experience reminded me of life and, especially, my walk with God. I know, for me, when I first excepted Christ into my life, knowingly, I had this unexplainable excitement and zeal for God, the same feeling I had at the start of the walk. The more I walked, the more I started to realize that I didn’t really give my children a choice whether or not they wanted to walk with me. I felt like I was dragging them. In life, there will not be many people excited for you in your new found freedom or be able to accept you or run along with you. Furthermore, you won’t be able to bring everybody with you. Some of your family and friends can’t go where you are going in life for numerous reasons including, they don’t have the same heart or mindset to move forward. The object is to stay the course and keep your focus on the mark. No one knows where the finish line is nor do we know how close or how far it is. We just have to get there. We can make it!!!! Be Blessed.believe you can

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