Living On Purpose ~ Day 1

Living On Purpose ~ 30-Day Challenge

phillipians413“Today reflect on how you will use His strength and guidance for the next 30 days. What are your goals for this challenge? How will you become the best version of you in the next 30 days?”

Day 1

Life and the way God sets our lives up never ceases to amaze me. Last weekend, I attended a “Superwoman Conference” hosted by one of my church sisters, who is a strong advocate for living on purpose. One of the speakers talked to me about writing a vision. I’ve always had ideas and dreams that I’ve always wanted to accomplish, in my mind. I never thought to write them down, maybe because I believe that I can do anything, according to Phillipians 4:13, but not many people will be honest and say how I feel; if I don’t see how to make something happen, it is, sometimes, hard for me to receive how that very thing is going to come to pass. So, Sunday morning, after I got ready for church, I started to write some things down in my prayer journal that I want to do with my life in the near future to make mine and my children’s lives better. Then, when I get to church, the message given by our Senior Pastor was “Are You In The Vision”, with the core scriptures being Habakkuk 2:2-4, which, might I add, is one of my core scriptures for this blog on the homepage, and Proverbs 29:18, which will be added. This message still resonates in my mind, as he talked about being apart of the ministry’s vision and helping bring forth the vision of the church. His question was, are you in the vision or not. Everything pertaining to a vision, whether for myself or my church, has been redefined to ignite a need in me to become more aware of why I am here on earth and what exactly am I supposed to be doing while I am here, not only with my hands to provide for myself and my children, but, also, for the Kingdom of God. My ultimate goal is to live for Him, not to just exist to say I know Him and when I get to heaven, He says that He doesn’t know me. I dare not. I refuse. This challenge is the start of me learning more and more about myself in God, what I want out of life, and making sure that what I want coincides with what He wants for my life and my children. After this 30 days, I believe to continue living a purposeful life because I know I already have purpose or I wouldn’t be here to tell you. This weekend is another fire starter on this journey. My church’s Women’s ministry, also known as G.L.O.W. ( The Glorious Ladies of Word), is hosting a conference this weekend. The theme is “Live On Purpose: Spiritual C.P.R., Calling, Preparation, Response”. So, as you can see, God is drawing me closer and closer to living on purpose. I look forward to having a great time, as I do every year, and I am inviting all ladies, young and old, to come and share this experience with us. Be blessed and I hope to see you this weekend. You won’t be disappointed.

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