Living On Purpose ~ Day 2-7


                      GOD IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Hello Family. I could just end my post with that, especially for everyone who knows that HE is all that and more, but I’m going to share with you why He is so amazing to me and proves Himself more and more to me on a daily basis. Like I said in the last post, which was the beginning of this 30-day-challenge, life and the way God sets our lives up never ceases to amaze me. (The links to the introduction of the challenge and my first blog for day 1 is posted at the bottom of the page if you would like to read those.) First, I read over day 2-4 of the challenge (the document for the challenge is at the top) and wondered how I would talk about different people who make a difference in my life, being that there are so many people who impact my life on a day to day basis. Some of these people I know personally and some I don’t, but the reality is God knows all and exactly what and who you need to help you move forward or take a step back, if needed. So, I thought I was just going to pass over these days and focus on the next challenge post. Then, the weekend of July 22nd happened. The G.L.O.W. ( The Glorious Ladies of Word) conference happened. The theme was “Live On Purpose: Spiritual C.P.R., Calling, Preparation, Response”. The man and women of God brought words of encouragement straight from heaven.

                     Let’s start with Friday. My children had been on vacation with their uncle since the end of June. (Yes, I was child-free for almost 30 days and enjoyed it a little bit, but started to miss the heck out of them.) I went to pick them up on Friday and headed straight to the conference, but first, I had to stop at my mother’s house to bring some items to her from the job, but in actuality, she just wanted to see the kids. The freeway I decided to take around to her house had construction work being done on it, so instead of me following the signs to take my particular exit, I ended up taking the wrong exit. Then, I tried to turn around to get on the right freeway and ended up on the same wrong freeway, going in the wrong direction, on the HOV Lane, which is a lane used for people who have 1 or more passengers in the vehicle. With HOV lanes, there aren’t as many exits as a regular freeway would have. Exits are, sometimes, miles apart from each other. It took me about fifteen or twenty minutes to, finally, make it to an exit, where I was able to head in the right direction. When I arrived to the conference, Leading Lady had the church set up as a hospital would and the guests were given care packets, which included an arm-band, like the ones you would receive in a hospital. I was asked to be a part of the Intercessory Team for the conference, so, we wore lab coats and one of the ladies came and placed a band on my arm, that I thought were only for the guests. God showed me through me having on the lab coat as one of the workers, doesn’t make me exempt from needing help every now and then when trouble or storms come. I had to realize that I was already frustrated getting there and dealing with other things in my life, but I knew that I needed something from God and it was mostly, PEACE.

                     Then, Saturday morning, four people, along with other members of the church who I consider a part of my growth team, came and spoke Words straight from God Himself. One message still to tnevertheless2his day, resonates in my Spirit. The Woman of God came from Luke 5:1-11, where it talked about, after Jesus finished teaching from the boat of Simon, He tells him to throw out his net again, after they were already pulling the nets in. Simon’s response was, “Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: NEVERTHELESS at thy word I will let down the net.” This meant, no matter what God ask me to do, even, if I tried before and failed, if I lost some things trying the first time, NEVERTHELESS, because You asked it of me, I will do it. I cried the entire time as this woman spoke on her purpose, the things she went through in the prior weeks, and how she was still able to stand and give God’s Word to His people. This Word, along with the other messages about purpose and balancing life while fulfilling it, was given to me because God knew what I would have to go through in the following weeks after this Word. He knew exactly what I needed because He is an all-knowing God.

                     In the past two weeks, I have had to go through two very strong storms. One, I am still going through right now as I type this, but I am getting THROUGH because no matter what is going on in my life, no matter what a situation may look like on the outside, no matter how hard I may think this trial is, no matter if, at times, I feel like I’m not going to make it, NEVERTHELESS, I’m still going to worship and praise my God. I’m still going to give Him honor and glory for who He is and not for what He does or what I know He can do. I’m still going to continue to move forward and not look back for or to past things that I have left behind or lost. I’m going to continue to fight for my life and continue to allow God to work through me and get His glory willingly. He won’t have to drag me into my purpose or my destiny. I am ever so grateful to Him for allowing people into my life to change me and redirect me in the right direction when I go astray. I’m thankful that He loves me enough to chase me and trust me with assignments and tests that He knows I will pass for Him to get glory. My heart is full that He would see me and say, “I can use her”, “I can use what I brought her through” or “I can take her through this and she won’t turn her back on me” I’m grateful! So, allow this to be encouragement to keep going no matter what. God knows what you can bear and will never give you a test without answers or instructions first. Be Blessed Family and Be Encouraged. We Can Make It!

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