So, it’s been a while, and I have had what people would call, “writers’ block”.  In the meantime, I have been doing what I do best, being a mom, working a full-time job, and juggling a dating life, or at least trying to, but that’s a whole separate blog alone.  It’s a new year and while others are making resolutions, I’m making declarations. I’ve decided to switch things up, starting with my language and things that I speak over my life and my children’s life. Not saying I haven’t been doing that already, but there are times, I become frustrated with things that are going on in my life from not realizing what I asked God to do in my life or what I declared Him to be out of my mouth. Sometimes, I’m not even reminded of these things until He manifests it right before my very eyes. It may not always be the way I want it to work out, but the fact remains, He Still Answered My Request.

          Along my journey of life, I have learned when you declare God to be something in your life, I just believe He allows things to happen to show us who He is in what we declared. For example, if you believe God to be a healer and declare Him to be just that over every aspect of your life, you cannot become upset or angry when God allows sickness or diseases to attack your body. Question: How will you know Him to be a healer if you’ve never had anything to be healed from? How will you know Him to be a deliverer if He doesn’t give you anything to be delivered from? This is my year to not become angry or fall apart as God proves Himself to me on a day-to-day basis. I am learning to just sit back and rest in His promises. I will, also, rest in the fact that if He allows these things to go on in my life they may seem too hard for me to handle, He knows how strong I am and continues to pull those strengths out of me daily.

          believe 2

          Believe it or not, the two paragraphs above were sitting in my draft folder from January 2, 2017. Wow! I’m amazed at how God is truly showing me, in absolutely every aspect of my life, His love for me and the power in Believing in Him, solely and ultimately. My church, Greater New Hope Church, a.k.a., The Praisedome, started an “I BELIEVE” campaign in 2015, that truly set off a fire in me to totally trust and believe in the plan and promises of God. I was extremely elated when my Pastor informed my church of the theme for this year is “Believing God for Better”. I was more so grateful to God that He was igniting the fire, I previously had, to believe in Him again. It wasn’t that I ever stopped believing in Him, but there were some areas in my life where I basically got to the point of just not asking anymore. I was tired of the disappointments, hurt, and pain surrounding these areas. I grew weary when all I had to do was trust the process.

          I am learning daily how to trust and believe God for better. Why not? If I believe in who He is and what He can do while watching Him make ways in other peoples’ lives, why not believe He can do the same for me. This year is my year for Better and Greater. I am so excited about the things God has set my hands and feet to do in this year. I encourage you to explore this journey with me on Believing God Again. Be Blessed.


One thought on “I STILL BELIEVE!!!!”

  1. Awesome words Ebony. I’m excited about this year also even though out started out with a bump on day 1… but this bump wasn’t nearly as bad as others that i have overcame so I say come o. 2018 let’s go!!! Can’t wait to see what he has for me


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