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“I Have Vision”

Vision Party with “Daddy’s Girls” 2019

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Hello everyone. I have been officially given the name, “The Vision Blogger” by my church sister, Rhoshonda Adkison, after she invited me to host a Vision Party for her ministry called “Daddy’s Girls”, which targets teenage girls, and helps them with life’s daily matters through Christ. Before Lady Rhoshonda brought the idea to me, I desired to do another Vision Party, but I wasn’t actively planning one. So, I felt like her inviting me was God telling me, “Don’t lose site of the Vision”. Plans immediately went into motion and the Vision I had for the encounter was not following through the way I wanted it, but God knew what needed to take place. All we needed to do was say, “Yes” and follow through and through the Vision Party, I believe our ministries, “babies” flourished in that very moment. We have an AMAZING Pastor and church, who allowed us to use the church, we started to promote it, bought supplies, and ended up having an AWESOME time.

photo collage maker_nqrnhu8801982095365190948..pngI started blogging a few years back and my purpose was to, basically allow people into my world and display my growth in the process because I literally had to grow up big time in the past few years. Yes, I was a mother. Yes, I was already an adult, but I would not say that I had fully grown up and, even now, I’m still growing daily. Somewhere in between me becoming an adult, a mother, then, a single mother, I lost my vision of where I was going. I hosted my first Vision Party in November of 2018. Here, we all made vision boards. These vision boards would not just be cut out pictures from a magazine pasted onto a board. They’re not just words or great sayings glued to a platform. They are visual displays of things you want to see happen in your life, things you want to do, places you want to go, or things you want to make better. The scripture I use for the vision parties and, also, my life, is Habbakuk 2:2-3. I like the way the English Standard Version reads. “And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end-it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.”  So I questioned, how can you tell me it won’t delay but though it’s taking a while just wait for it patiently? I’m learning, daily, our time is not God’s time. We may say, “But God it’s taking so long.” And His word says for the vision is yet for an appointed time. Appointed means decided on beforehand. He knows the plan before we were formed. He knew what was going to be placed in your heart, what desires you would have. He answers more by saying it’s coming just wait on it. Wait on Him, He knows exactly when to produce what you’re asking for. I am learning to trust His timing. What if He gives it to me and I’m not ready? He knows. I just have to follow through with what He says.

4c34c9fc6c06694f8f5ea5e0f912b9253033300861469074118.jpgSo, every morning, I receive an alert when I’m leaving the house that tells me how long it’s going to take me to get to work. If the time given is not going to get me there on time, I check my map to find a faster route. This particular morning, my normal route was going to make me extremely late because of a crash on the highway. So there I was looking for another route to take. I found one that was going to make me late, but not as late as my normal route and typically, the way I drive, I can knock off a few minutes and be on time. But as I’m driving through the route given to me, which is unfamiliar areas, I receive a phone call. On my phone, I can follow the map as long as I am going the exact route given to me from the beginning. But I made a wrong turn and my phone failed to reroute me because I was using my data for a phone call I felt was important at that time. Instead of me getting off the call to find my way back onto the right route, I stayed on the phone. We do that a lot in life. We’re on a route but we get sidetracked by things that go on and become distracted. Instead of taking a step back and regrouping, we just continue to go in circles as I was doing on this route trying to get to work. So I get to a light and pull out my tablet to pull up that map to get back on the right route and realize I was going the right way twice but I decided it didn’t look like I was going the right direction so I just kept turning. Then, I hear, “All you had to do was stay the course”. God has given a plan. He’s given you a route. He gives alerts on this route. He shows you what’s coming up that may hinder or help you along the way. God is the way and all we have to do is stay the course. The route may not look the way you want it to, things may not be going how you want them to go. The route may take you through avenues that are unfamiliar, but if you’re following God, who is The Way, can He really steer you wrong?

Stay the course. Yes we make vision boards because they are things that we desire from God for our lives. A scripture I studied about desires was Psalm 37 verse 4 and it says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Now, before I learned how to actually study the Bible, I really thought this meant to be happy with the Lord or be happy in him and he will give you the desires of your heart but delight means to please someone greatly. So this scripture meant to me please God and do what he desires you to do and he will give you the desires of your heart and bring our Visions to pass.

Photos from Vision Party 2018

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Yesterday Was Tough…

Hello Family. Yesterday was tough. Many of you don’t know this, but I have been having issues with my youngest son, Edwin, in school. He has not been able to adjust as normal kids would from daycare to public school. I believe, since school started in August, I have received a call from the school, at least, every week about something he’s done, something he’s not doing, and more recently, things he has said. He is currently in the process of being tested for Special Education for his behavior through his school district and now they want me to have him tested for ADHD. Edwin had issues while in daycare, but he had an AMAZING teacher, who would see he was having a bad morning, pull him in, turn on some praise and worship music, and he’d ultimately pull it together. Now, with him being in public school, he has turned into a totally different person. I know, in public school, they have a lot more students and can’t tend to just one student out of respect for the other students’ learning, but it has gotten to the point where it has caused many distractions almost daily

My oldest son, Elijah started out at their school in Kindergarten and has been very popular since. So when his little sister and brother started there, the same support system I had for him are the same I have for my other children. Now, with the way Edwin has been performing, I have met a group of teachers I’ve never seen before in the previous years, Behaviorial Specialists. They teach Edwin how to control his emotions and give alternatives when you feel these different types of emotions instead of what he has been doing in the past. They are EXTREMELY patient with him and take time with him daily. As of late, there has been no progress. He has some good days, sporadically, but it will turn at the flip of a switch. These switches can flip from just about any little thing from him not being called on to answer a question to a student looking at him, at what he may feel, is the wrong time. He’ll throw things, kick walls, call people horrible names, and scream out very inappropriate words and phrases I have never heard him use, said around him, or let him listen to.

The minute the district started to talk about testing him for ADHD and Special Education, I was, right off the back, defensive and it was only because of what I had seen my mother go through with my brother, on television, and in my years of working in childcare. I never would’ve thought I would have to live with knowing my son could possibly be “labeled” as such. Please take into consideration that this is only what I was thinking at the time of them speaking about this and what my perspective of him having to deal with this was. Between having to go through this process the past 5 months with my son, having to deal with Medicaid switching over to CHIP where I now have to pay a copay every time he goes to the doctor because I make $67 over the limit to qualify for Medicaid, to them cancelling it and advising me the night before our appointment, to still trying to serve in ministry, to keeping a solid relationship with all of my children together and separately, and staying positive in my other relationship, yesterday, I had had enough. I walked out of my children’s school, into my car, and felt like I had, literally, lost my entire mind. I lost all control of EVERYTHING, almost every aspect of my life, at the same time, while trying to remember who’s, ultimately, in control of EVERYTHING.

“God, I’m not mad at you. I just don’t know what to do.”

This was all I could say in that moment because my reactions appeared as if I didn’t believe, but in the past going on 4 years, my FAITH has become a gift that could only come from God Himself. Truly, it took me losing someone most cherished to me for it to become stronger, but when he was removed, God showed me who was there the entire time and who would always be, HIM. God is all I have and I’m never going to give up on Him or forget He has given me a gift in my children and will never give up on them. No matter what I see or what obstacles may come my way, I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE in HIM, on HIM, and HIS WORD. His Word says He’ll never put more on me than I can bear and I believe that with everything in me. If He gave it to me, He has, also, given me the tools to bear it. I ask for prayers through this time and any light you can shed on my son and this process is always appreciated. As always, BE BLESSED.


Becoming A Biblical Counselor: How It Changed My Life

Hello Family! Parts of this post have been sitting in the draft folder of my website for two and a half years. WOW, but I believe that me being able to finish it is ultimately strategic. So, here we go! In January of 2016, I started a journey to become a Certified Biblical Counselor. I, honestly, didn’t know what was going to come out of it, but I knew that I needed it. My Pastor and Leading Lady, along with other members of the “PRAISEDOME”, took the same course in the Fall Semester of 2015. Seeing them graduate and talk about how amazing the class and the instructor was at their graduation made me want to take it, but I wouldn’t have  the deposit by the due date to sign up. So, I just kind of put it in my mind that it was something that was going to have to wait, along with the other goals I will embark upon. But, I fooled around and just said the words, “I’m interested”, and the person I told, who has been purposely placed in my life, said, “I’ll pay your deposit.” That was really all I needed to hear to lead me to believe this was something I had to do.

Dr. Rhonda Sneed, founder and CEO of Restoring Souls Outreach Center and AMAZING woman of God was our instructor. She told us two things the first Monday night of class, as she tells everyone who even considers being apart. Number one, “Get ready, because all hell is about to break loose.” Number two, “Before you become a counselor, you have to be the counselee.” I must say, live and in color, she was absolutely correct. Those 15 weeks changed my entire life. There were days I didn’t know how I was going to pay the rest of the tuition and still take care of things at the house and days I had no money to get food or gas to get to class, but God always made a way, literally. Some people in the class I knew and some I didn’t, but we truly became a family and even apart of an even bigger family as a graduating class. Then, on top of that, I was coming to class every week feeling like I was laying on a couch spilling any and all of my beans to a counselor, who gave me spiritual and natural ways to deal with all these different issues and feelings I was dealing with. Some of these issues and feelings, I didn’t even know I had. One week, I’ll never forget, we discussed bitterness and anger. At this particular time, I was going through very secretly, but, also, on the forefront. I didn’t realize I was either of these things until God lead her to call it for what it was, at the same time giving the lesson. She not only taught every lesson with examples of her own and others she have come in contact with experiences but, most importantly, God’s Word. I grew up knowing that everything I needed was in there, but I never truly studied for myself. I would go off what people told me was in there. But with the help of this class, along with our weekly 3D Biblical Studies at my church, I started to strive to find exactly what I needed for myself or what I needed to help someone else in that moment and in times to come.

Since graduation, and, even before then, I have been wondering what to do next. For the longest time, I wondered, was I taking the class just to say I finished something or am I going to really do something with this certificate. I have been known to, more often than usual, procrastinate and leave endeavors unfinished. So, then, I wondered am I going to class faithfully every Monday because someone invested in me and I don’t want to let them down, or am I actually going to take what I have learned and apply it to my life and  help someone else. All of these things I thought about were indeed true, but the key is talking to God and hearing from Him what my next assignment is. As the world knows, I went through a great deal in the past four years, mostly good, but I had some downs.  However, I believe in my heart I went through, and yet and still, go through, not only to help others get through, but for God to show Himself mighty in me and get glory out of my life. This class ultimately changed my life forever and ignited an even bigger desire to become a better woman, one day, a wife, and, most of all, an outstanding mother. 

You, too, can become apart of the family of Biblical Counselors and get the tools to correctly help in more ways than one through God’s Word. Classes start in 3 weeks. What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? The attached flyer will speak for itself and I know others who can attest to this class changing their perspective on counseling within the four walls of a church building and even outside those same walls. Be Blessed.


Restoring The Remnant: This Was For Me

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!!! I have a feeling this year is about to be BIG! Not just any feeling, but after the last few hours of 2018 and the first day of 2019, I know that I know that I know, this year is about to be BIG. I was invited to be apart of Evangelist Tina Armstrong’s 4th Annual Purpose Breakfast where the theme was “Restoring the Remnant: Can You Cover Me Until I Recover?” In my previous blog post, I gave you just a snippet of what happened when you get kingdom-minded women together to talk about the theme and prepare us and others for the upcoming breakfast, but I’ll tell you from my own personal experience, it exceeded any expectation I had settled in my mind.

As I walked in the building, I was warmly greeted by everyone in the room, along with the smell of heaven prepared by DJ’s Grill. I swiftly found my assigned seat with my 20190101_134750name and gift neatly placed. I knew from the hugs and blessing with my name on it, I was already in for a treat. As I settled in my space to prepare to do as I was asked, Mrs. Armstrong, the SUPERWOMAN herself, gave me an assignment. She handed me a Ziploc bag containing smaller Ziploc bags with what I recognized as mustard seeds in them and said, “I need you to count these. Make sure I have 40 now.” When she handed me the bag, I was reminded of the first time I saw these seeds. I was a child and one of the ministers gave an example of the seeds in his bible study lesson. I was reminded in that very moment where my FAITH in God and what He was capable of began to grow. I was almost brought to tears because it’s funny how at many times in our lives we seem to lose focus over what’s going on or wrong and forget what God gave us to remind us we still have seed. Now back to these bags. In my mind, I’m thinking she wants me to make sure there’s enough for everybody to receive a bag and I immediately thought, “We’re going to need some more bags” just from looking at the outside. She asked me did it look like 40. I told her no after I counted them out one-by-one. She then says, “So you found you had more than what you thought you had right?” And she walks away. Now astonished, I saw other women walking into the building, each one of them had their own reaction to the assignment given. My fellow blogger, Ms. Victoria Fisher, walked in and only counted 39. The entire room was looking just as stunned as I was knowing without a shadow of a doubt we all counted 40. It was found that one of the attendees heard in her instructions to take one after counting them. I found that maybe, just maybe, she pulled exactly what she needed. All she needed was just a little to make it. We’ll talk about those seeds a little more later though.


After being served an AMAZING breakfast provided by DJ’s Grill, full of chicken and waffles, eggs, seasoned potatoes, and shrimp with grits, which might I add, was the first time I tried them and it was sooo good, we had our first speaker, Evangelist Shandra Powell. This Woman of God walked into the room and stood in boldness as the song “This Is My Season” by William Murphy played, while holding what appeared to be a handkerchief in her hand. She prayed in that same boldness and, in the same breath, spoke into every person’s next season. One of the statements she stated as she encouraged the room, was, “Because I survived, I still have purpose”. That is what this handkerchief symbolized to me. The handkerchief was made of stitched together leftover patterns, or “fabric remnants”. The key things about these “fabric remnants”, is that they were once apart of a whole piece, then cut or torn away. We all have been cut up, battered, and bruised a time or two or a million times in our lives but it doesn’t mean we don’t have purpose or a reason we are placed and kept here on this Earth. We, the “fabric remnants”, those who have been torn apart, or “set apart”, have been broken, put back together time and time again to be connected to another someone to help them.FB_IMG_1546443146580 As stated by Evangelist Powell, “with recovery, comes responsibility”, which is to go and strengthen the next person. She shared her own personal experience in discussing needing covering herself and having to pour into God’s people at the same time, along with being ever so “careful not to bleed on the people God sent to you to help”. Another account Lady Powell gives is we can’t be “so alive in duty, you don’t realize you’re dying”. What that meant to me was that we can’t be so busy trying to keep ourselves moving about and not realize we have an open wound that can infect us and possibly infect others. For that reason, we all seem to “camouflage our pain”, but God has people in place who are qualified to cover you as you recover. They are watchful, alert, and in Spirit, will see you where you are and cover as God sees fit.

20190101_113630Next in this move, we had a “Scarf Exchange”. Everyone in attendance was asked to bring a scarf. We all grabbed our scarves and stood in a circle. Now, all in attendance for some reason or another did not have a scarf, but there were women there who gave up theirs for another sister to participate. This was a clear demonstration of the covering, to me. No one was left out. As we stood in a circle, our host, Evangelist Tina Armstrong, gave instructions to pass your scarf to the left or to the right. At the end, whoever had your initial scarf, we became accountability partners. The scarf became a direct symbolism of the covering of one another.

Our next speaker, who was introduced by our host, who stated she has been blessed to see her flourish, meaning “grow in unprofitable and uncomfortable conditions and circumstances”, was none other the “One and Only” Evangelist Special Scales. Lady Scales stood tall in frame and in the same manner, presented God’s Word. She stated for us to repeat, “I AM A MEPHIBOSETH.” Mephiboseth, who is mentioned a few times in II Samuel, was the son of Jonathan and grandson of Saul. He was a lame young boy who, after his father and grandfather died in battle, was being brought 20190101_115207back to town by his nurse. His nurse stumbled and dropped him and caused him to become disabled. As she talked about this man who was dropped by someone who was supposed to be caring for him, she posed a question to the room. She asked how many of us had been dropped and left for dead? Being that “pain is universal”, everyone has at some point in their life felt some type of pain. The most interesting thing about life is, most of the time we endure pain from the least suspected person, family. To an enemy or someone who doesn’t like us or had an issue with how we do things, “we expect you to play your part as who you are.” You’re an enemy. We expect you to do what you are assigned, but when you were sent to cover me, take care of me, love me, and uphold me at my weakest moment, you inflict the deepest pain mostly because I don’t expect it from you, of all people. Lady Scales inspired us through her own testimony to not focus on what we lost in the midst of the pain caused because God can “use our broken pieces”. He can use what you have left and restore you in the process.

Our final speaker was non-other than the MAN with the MIC and MESSAGE, my pastor, Dr. Robert Bailey, Jr. He spoke on these mustard seeds we encountered when we first walked in. His scriptural basis for his message was Matthew 13:31 & 32. Jesus says, “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.” What amazed me most about this seed is though it’s very small, it grows into a tree. A TREE! I believe the tree is the biggest and tallest plant there is on this planet. Dr. Bailey said it best, “God will take the small of you to produce the big in you” and for this reason, he advises us to be careful where we plant. He spoke on the difference between a seed being planted in dirt and soil. Dirt is easy to obtain. To the seed, it only smothers it and doesn’t have the 20190101_123444_HDRnutrients to grow it. On the other hand, you have soil. It has to be bought and it has the proper materials and minerals to help the seed break open. It actually fertilizes the seed and gives it exactly what it needs to produce what God wants to pull out of it. Another part of the scripture Dr. Bailey touched on was the birds. The birds represented people and he warned us to “watch who’s coming to perch”. Perch means, of a bird, to alight or rest on something. Some “birds” come to sit to snatch from your limbs to cause you to become barren or unfruitful, but you have others who come and plant a nest so they can give birth where you have planted. I did some research on these birds who build nest and found that not all birds who build a nest are there to give birth. Some birds build it, plant or lay the egg that possesses their seed, or promise for someone else to come and nurture, which brought me to believe this can be tied to one of my favorite scriptures. Habakkuk 2:2, says, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”, meaning what if at some point I am giving birth to something, I nest it in a lively place (tree) to be picked up, when it is ready, and released to be ran with. My Pastor, then, asked us to go to the end of our planners gifted to us by Evangelist Armstrong and write down what we would like our 2019 to look like. Those of us who had been at Watch Service the night before had already done this and only by God, I took a picture of mine before I put it in the basket to be blessed. I wrote everything down from my paper and even added some things to it. Dr. Bailey had us to put our tiny bag of mustard seeds on the list and just pray over IT without saying exactly what IT is and do THIS for the rest of the year.

As I settled in my space, where the blessings with my name on it lay, I wrote at the top of my notepad, “*This Is For Me*” and that it was. Evangelist Tina Armstrong had no idea the impact it would have on me when she asked me to blog for this meeting. After Dr. Bailey prayed over our lists and mustard seeds, there was what I called, a “Covering Session”. Lady Armstrong was lead by God to choose a different woman in the room to cover another. It amazed me how God saw fit to choose me, even in the midst of having to deal with something before I made it to the place and I thought in that same breath, “why not me?” God has placed something on the inside of me, whether it be from my experience or the gifts He has placed in me to help COVER the next person as they recover. I walked away from this encounter with the tools to COVER and BE COVERED. I learned so much and pray through THIS you are blessed as well. Be Blessed.

The Covering










Can You Cover Me Until I Recover?

What do you get when 15 kingdom-minded women come together? An Unexplainable Encounter, that’s what. I had the honor and privilege of being invited to be a part of this awesome panel of strong women, who have been through different and even similar things in life. Some went through on the forefront and some, even, suffered in silence, but I can just about fully believe, through the testimonies of each woman present, all of us found strength in our pain to strengthen and build others. This meeting was not only for the women who were gathered around this conference table, but for many other people, who watched online or through social media, who needed to visually see 15 women come together in “Collaboration, and Not Competition.”

The SUPERWOMAN, herself, Mrs. Tina Armstrong, founder of Purpose Ministries, took over the Simply H.E.R. Empowerment Connection Show through Nikki A. Keyser, to talk about her upcoming event taking place on New Year’s Day at 10:00 AM at DJ’s Grill in Houston, TX. (Tickets are $45.00. You don’t want to miss it. See flyer attached.) The theme for the breakfast is “Restoring the Remnant; Can You Cover Me Until I Recover?” The scripture for the theme is Revelations 3:2 and it says “Wake Up! Strengthen what remain and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God.” Whew! Just typing it still makes me want to leap. Mrs. Armstrong had no problem giving honor to the Woman of God, Ms. Sherell Polk a.k.a. Pastor P., who started the conversation with an experience of her own where she ended up having to go through something on her way to church. Many of us around this table could definitely testify to going through on our way to serve, even at some point thinking of turning around because it was just too much to serve wounded. She talked about how she felt and how she basically hid in the back of the church, but someone saw her through God to embrace her and minister to her heart and spirit to restore what was shattered on her way to service. That’s what the theme is all about, covering another who is going through. You don’t even have to know exactly what a person is dealing with, just pray, cover them, uphold them where they are weak, encourage them. Sometimes, all we need is to just KNOW someone is there covering.

My fellow blogger, Ms. Victoria Dominique brought a perspective that truly opened my eyes to understanding being covered by one another and not always trying to fix ourselves. She described how many times, when we are sick, we self-medicate ourselves with over-the counter drugs and use home remedies to “heal” ourselves, instead of going to a doctor, who has been through schooling or has had experience in what you’re dealing with, and can, ultimately prescribe exactly what you need to get rid of the sickness. In life, we, also, try to self-medicate depression, loneliness, stress, and many other things with some type of replacement to try to suppress them without going to someone who has been through it already to uplift us or say, “I’ve been where you are”. The reason may be, like many women at the table stated, people may just want to be in your business or have their own ulterior motive, but you’ll know though your discernment who’s assigned to you and who is there only to attach themselves to you. Through her description of being in the hospital room and someone deciding to refuse treatment, I visualized a person being connected to an IV. The IV is placed in your vein to pump medicine, fluid, blood, or whatever is needed to make a person better or build what has been repaired. The refusing of care could be what many of the ladies referred to, as not wanting to say, “I need covering while I recover” or disconnecting the “IV” because of who God sent wasn’t who you expected, but what if the person who’s checking on you or asking you how you are feeling, God has already spoken to them concerning you, God has already placed you on their mind and all you have to do was open your mouth and accept treatment.

The last demonstration given, being we had some track stars at the table, was about the 4×4 race or the relay race. Ms. Special Scales explained to us non-track stars what it meant to “get light”. And she described how before you get ready to take off to run the race you have to remove any and everything that would slow you down. Through this race, I envisioned a relay race that never stopped. Yes, there is a finish line in this “track of life” and it’s so much bigger than just your regular track. In the race, at some point, you’re going to need SOMEBODY, whether it’s the sister or brother you’re passing the baton to so you can catch your wind, or the motivators on the sideline encouraging you to keep running, and you can’t forget about your Coach (God), who has given you all the tools during practice (Tests) you need to keep running and through it all, after you catch your wind, be ready to catch the baton to keep running the race. I believe this panel was part of that race. Some of us knew each other and some of us were meeting for the first time, but we all came together with a mindset to show the world WE CAN COVER WHILE THE OTHER RECOVERS. I want to invite you again to come for breakfast and expectancy of a move of God to start your 2019 off with a BANG! You don’t want to miss it. Be Blessed.



          So, it’s been a while, and I have had what people would call, “writers’ block”.  In the meantime, I have been doing what I do best, being a mom, working a full-time job, and juggling a dating life, or at least trying to, but that’s a whole separate blog alone.  It’s a new year and while others are making resolutions, I’m making declarations. I’ve decided to switch things up, starting with my language and things that I speak over my life and my children’s life. Not saying I haven’t been doing that already, but there are times, I become frustrated with things that are going on in my life from not realizing what I asked God to do in my life or what I declared Him to be out of my mouth. Sometimes, I’m not even reminded of these things until He manifests it right before my very eyes. It may not always be the way I want it to work out, but the fact remains, He Still Answered My Request.

          Along my journey of life, I have learned when you declare God to be something in your life, I just believe He allows things to happen to show us who He is in what we declared. For example, if you believe God to be a healer and declare Him to be just that over every aspect of your life, you cannot become upset or angry when God allows sickness or diseases to attack your body. Question: How will you know Him to be a healer if you’ve never had anything to be healed from? How will you know Him to be a deliverer if He doesn’t give you anything to be delivered from? This is my year to not become angry or fall apart as God proves Himself to me on a day-to-day basis. I am learning to just sit back and rest in His promises. I will, also, rest in the fact that if He allows these things to go on in my life they may seem too hard for me to handle, He knows how strong I am and continues to pull those strengths out of me daily.

          believe 2

          Believe it or not, the two paragraphs above were sitting in my draft folder from January 2, 2017. Wow! I’m amazed at how God is truly showing me, in absolutely every aspect of my life, His love for me and the power in Believing in Him, solely and ultimately. My church, Greater New Hope Church, a.k.a., The Praisedome, started an “I BELIEVE” campaign in 2015, that truly set off a fire in me to totally trust and believe in the plan and promises of God. I was extremely elated when my Pastor informed my church of the theme for this year is “Believing God for Better”. I was more so grateful to God that He was igniting the fire, I previously had, to believe in Him again. It wasn’t that I ever stopped believing in Him, but there were some areas in my life where I basically got to the point of just not asking anymore. I was tired of the disappointments, hurt, and pain surrounding these areas. I grew weary when all I had to do was trust the process.

          I am learning daily how to trust and believe God for better. Why not? If I believe in who He is and what He can do while watching Him make ways in other peoples’ lives, why not believe He can do the same for me. This year is my year for Better and Greater. I am so excited about the things God has set my hands and feet to do in this year. I encourage you to explore this journey with me on Believing God Again. Be Blessed.


The Purpose & Promise Still Awaits…..

“Don’t be so blinded by the illumination of the counterfeit that you miss the actual promise or the real thing. The person or thing may be dressed up  the way you want them or it to be, from the inside out, but that person or thing may not be who or what God wants you to have forever. The person or thing may be temporary or serve another purpose in your life. Don’t make them or it permanent.”

     HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

     So, as you can see it’s been a while. I have had what they call writers’ block. I tried to write the other night and it felt like I was rambling, so, I closed my laptop and went to sleep, with the idea of, “maybe the blog’s assignment is over”, or, “maybe I just don’t have the drive to do it like I did before”. With those thoughts still in mind, I went on about my business like nothing and was on the verge of just not writing for a while, longer than it took me to do this post just now. But, the very next day, I was in court, and one of my co-workers came to me and asked me about the note she read on my desk, which is what I placed at the beginning of this blog. As we talked about it, at the same time, tying it to the situation she is presently going through, God showed me, in that moment, the blog is not done. The very thing you try to give up or push to the side, God has a way of bringing it right back to you because it serves a purpose. It may not be for you, but actually for someone else.

     The above quote was written one day while I was working, or at least trying to, but really had so many other things on my mind, as usual. I will say, being a mom, working a full-time job, and juggling a dating life (or at least trying to, but that’s a whole separate blog alone) is definitely not easy. I find myself doing all kinds of things and God will give me so many ideas or moments of reflection from just about anything I go through. I could be talking to someone and words will come right out of my mouth that I knew it could be nobody but God to give me to tell them.  I have no idea when exactly I wrote this or what I was even thinking about, but as I reflect on times where I have been so excited about something or someone, I neglect to even ask God is this something I’m supposed to pursue or is this person someone I’m supposed to build a relationship with or is this a distraction from what I’m actually supposed to be running towards.

    something-better In November of 2015, which was about seven months after I finished paying off my first car, I started to see other people being blessed with new cars, and I asked God was it wrong for me to want a new car on that Sunday. I only felt that way because I didn’t want God to think I was ungrateful for the vehicle I presently had being that it was paid in full and absolutely nothing was wrong with it. By Wednesday, I had all kinds of issues go on with my paid-off vehicle and found myself spending hundreds of dollars to fix it and the same problem continued. Then, the search was on. I knew the exact vehicle I wanted, but didn’t know what all it had to offer until I went to CarMax to test drive a few. So, the one I liked the most was a 2010 with a navigation system, DVD player, and all kind of other amenities. I was convinced. I wanted that car. So, CarMax was ready to get me in this car with the trade of my truck. I get ready to sign the paperwork and they wouldn’t except my proof of income. Instead of getting too discouraged I started to search for the same car just at another place I knew would approve me and accept the proof of income. I ended up finding the car I wanted, but instead it didn’t have all of the amenities, but it was a 2015 with only 14,000 miles on it and the car note was going fifty dollars less than the 2010 at CarMax. Even though the 2010 was dressed up the way I wanted, God knew what I needed and had to let that deal fall through for me to get what He wanted me to have and what He knew would last longer.

     Lately, with this whole dating scene, I have found myself coming in contact with different men who look or act a certain way that leads me to look at them as being a possible man God wants me to have. But, as soon as we get over, what I call the “over-the-hill phase”, which is the phase of knowing the basic and most important information about the other person, we hit a stumbling block. The last few men I have met have shown me at least one thing that I have never experienced that I would want from my husband that I did not have on my list to God. So I feel they served a purpose to show me what God wants me to have or what I need or He’s preparing me for what He is preparing in him. Either way, knowing this I can’t want a relationship or want to be married so bad that I miss what God is trying to show me by being so blinded from and hidden behind the flashing lights of what a man is showing me, that I miss the man God has for me.

     I could go on and on for hours about many times I’ve been so excited about something God promised me to where if I see anything even remotely close to what He said, I’m in pursuit of it with no regards of asking Him, “Ok Lord, is this you?” His word says, “pray about everything.” This means that you can go to God about anything concerning you. He will answer. I am a living witness. He may not answer the way you want Him to, but He answers. Sometimes, He may not answer at all and that is your answer, at times, but He is there to give assurance of what the plan is for your life. Be Blessed.he-answers

Living On Purpose ~ Day 2-7


                      GOD IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Hello Family. I could just end my post with that, especially for everyone who knows that HE is all that and more, but I’m going to share with you why He is so amazing to me and proves Himself more and more to me on a daily basis. Like I said in the last post, which was the beginning of this 30-day-challenge, life and the way God sets our lives up never ceases to amaze me. (The links to the introduction of the challenge and my first blog for day 1 is posted at the bottom of the page if you would like to read those.) First, I read over day 2-4 of the challenge (the document for the challenge is at the top) and wondered how I would talk about different people who make a difference in my life, being that there are so many people who impact my life on a day to day basis. Some of these people I know personally and some I don’t, but the reality is God knows all and exactly what and who you need to help you move forward or take a step back, if needed. So, I thought I was just going to pass over these days and focus on the next challenge post. Then, the weekend of July 22nd happened. The G.L.O.W. ( The Glorious Ladies of Word) conference happened. The theme was “Live On Purpose: Spiritual C.P.R., Calling, Preparation, Response”. The man and women of God brought words of encouragement straight from heaven.

                     Let’s start with Friday. My children had been on vacation with their uncle since the end of June. (Yes, I was child-free for almost 30 days and enjoyed it a little bit, but started to miss the heck out of them.) I went to pick them up on Friday and headed straight to the conference, but first, I had to stop at my mother’s house to bring some items to her from the job, but in actuality, she just wanted to see the kids. The freeway I decided to take around to her house had construction work being done on it, so instead of me following the signs to take my particular exit, I ended up taking the wrong exit. Then, I tried to turn around to get on the right freeway and ended up on the same wrong freeway, going in the wrong direction, on the HOV Lane, which is a lane used for people who have 1 or more passengers in the vehicle. With HOV lanes, there aren’t as many exits as a regular freeway would have. Exits are, sometimes, miles apart from each other. It took me about fifteen or twenty minutes to, finally, make it to an exit, where I was able to head in the right direction. When I arrived to the conference, Leading Lady had the church set up as a hospital would and the guests were given care packets, which included an arm-band, like the ones you would receive in a hospital. I was asked to be a part of the Intercessory Team for the conference, so, we wore lab coats and one of the ladies came and placed a band on my arm, that I thought were only for the guests. God showed me through me having on the lab coat as one of the workers, doesn’t make me exempt from needing help every now and then when trouble or storms come. I had to realize that I was already frustrated getting there and dealing with other things in my life, but I knew that I needed something from God and it was mostly, PEACE.

                     Then, Saturday morning, four people, along with other members of the church who I consider a part of my growth team, came and spoke Words straight from God Himself. One message still to tnevertheless2his day, resonates in my Spirit. The Woman of God came from Luke 5:1-11, where it talked about, after Jesus finished teaching from the boat of Simon, He tells him to throw out his net again, after they were already pulling the nets in. Simon’s response was, “Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: NEVERTHELESS at thy word I will let down the net.” This meant, no matter what God ask me to do, even, if I tried before and failed, if I lost some things trying the first time, NEVERTHELESS, because You asked it of me, I will do it. I cried the entire time as this woman spoke on her purpose, the things she went through in the prior weeks, and how she was still able to stand and give God’s Word to His people. This Word, along with the other messages about purpose and balancing life while fulfilling it, was given to me because God knew what I would have to go through in the following weeks after this Word. He knew exactly what I needed because He is an all-knowing God.

                     In the past two weeks, I have had to go through two very strong storms. One, I am still going through right now as I type this, but I am getting THROUGH because no matter what is going on in my life, no matter what a situation may look like on the outside, no matter how hard I may think this trial is, no matter if, at times, I feel like I’m not going to make it, NEVERTHELESS, I’m still going to worship and praise my God. I’m still going to give Him honor and glory for who He is and not for what He does or what I know He can do. I’m still going to continue to move forward and not look back for or to past things that I have left behind or lost. I’m going to continue to fight for my life and continue to allow God to work through me and get His glory willingly. He won’t have to drag me into my purpose or my destiny. I am ever so grateful to Him for allowing people into my life to change me and redirect me in the right direction when I go astray. I’m thankful that He loves me enough to chase me and trust me with assignments and tests that He knows I will pass for Him to get glory. My heart is full that He would see me and say, “I can use her”, “I can use what I brought her through” or “I can take her through this and she won’t turn her back on me” I’m grateful! So, allow this to be encouragement to keep going no matter what. God knows what you can bear and will never give you a test without answers or instructions first. Be Blessed Family and Be Encouraged. We Can Make It!

Living On Purpose-Introduction to Challenge

Living On Purpose-Day 1

Living On Purpose ~ Day 1

Living On Purpose ~ 30-Day Challenge

phillipians413“Today reflect on how you will use His strength and guidance for the next 30 days. What are your goals for this challenge? How will you become the best version of you in the next 30 days?”

Day 1

Life and the way God sets our lives up never ceases to amaze me. Last weekend, I attended a “Superwoman Conference” hosted by one of my church sisters, who is a strong advocate for living on purpose. One of the speakers talked to me about writing a vision. I’ve always had ideas and dreams that I’ve always wanted to accomplish, in my mind. I never thought to write them down, maybe because I believe that I can do anything, according to Phillipians 4:13, but not many people will be honest and say how I feel; if I don’t see how to make something happen, it is, sometimes, hard for me to receive how that very thing is going to come to pass. So, Sunday morning, after I got ready for church, I started to write some things down in my prayer journal that I want to do with my life in the near future to make mine and my children’s lives better. Then, when I get to church, the message given by our Senior Pastor was “Are You In The Vision”, with the core scriptures being Habakkuk 2:2-4, which, might I add, is one of my core scriptures for this blog on the homepage, and Proverbs 29:18, which will be added. This message still resonates in my mind, as he talked about being apart of the ministry’s vision and helping bring forth the vision of the church. His question was, are you in the vision or not. Everything pertaining to a vision, whether for myself or my church, has been redefined to ignite a need in me to become more aware of why I am here on earth and what exactly am I supposed to be doing while I am here, not only with my hands to provide for myself and my children, but, also, for the Kingdom of God. My ultimate goal is to live for Him, not to just exist to say I know Him and when I get to heaven, He says that He doesn’t know me. I dare not. I refuse. This challenge is the start of me learning more and more about myself in God, what I want out of life, and making sure that what I want coincides with what He wants for my life and my children. After this 30 days, I believe to continue living a purposeful life because I know I already have purpose or I wouldn’t be here to tell you. This weekend is another fire starter on this journey. My church’s Women’s ministry, also known as G.L.O.W. ( The Glorious Ladies of Word), is hosting a conference this weekend. The theme is “Live On Purpose: Spiritual C.P.R., Calling, Preparation, Response”. So, as you can see, God is drawing me closer and closer to living on purpose. I look forward to having a great time, as I do every year, and I am inviting all ladies, young and old, to come and share this experience with us. Be blessed and I hope to see you this weekend. You won’t be disappointed.

Living On Purpose ~ 30-Day Challenge

            Hello Family! I know it’s been a while everyone, but you know life happens and I have no excuses, but know that I am back and back with a vengeance. So, I currently work for Harris County and every year, all of the county employees voluntarily sign-up to participate in a health challenge, that ultimately leads up to our 5K-Walk (if any of you remember from last year). The challenges are usually activity-based, where you log how much and how long you do an exercise activity. This year still requires the points for those such activities, but they have included other challenges to, I think, stimulate the mind and the body, as well as, your spirit. I believe with the help of my wonderful church, which is the ultimate meat for my spirit, the challenges would help ignite the need to know more. One challenge I chose to complete is the “Living On Purpose ~ 30-Day Challenge”. This challenge, according to the creators, “is a daily faith-based 30 day program designed to help you start your personal journey of living on purpose. The four core focuses are spirit, nutrition, fitness and teamwork. Find strength through faith to live a healthy lifestyle.” I, of course, know that I have Purpose, but at times, I know things happen on a day-to-day basis that may make me feel like I’m just living trying to make it, but not with purpose. I decided to share this journey with you for the next 30 days and, prayerfully, my experiences will peak your interest in starting or continuing to live on purpose and not just living to make it. Be Blessed!