“A Heart That Loves” By Rhoshonda Adkison

Love Rho

Love is…


I thought you meant it when you said you loved me. But my heart is now searching for that love you said would always be mine. Where’d it go? Did I lose it or was it ever mine to begin with?

Love is…


I thought I could trust you with the most precious thing I owned. Me. I gave you all of me in hopes that I would be enough to satisfy every longing in your heart. But my heart is still yearning for that love from you. As I filled you with me, all of me, I thought in return I would be filled with you, with your love. But yet, my heart still waits for the one thing I’ve always given you. 

Love is….


I thought that if I patiently waited my turn, your love would come to me. Be mine. All mine. But in my waiting my heart is aching. Watching and waiting; wanting and aching. This heart of mine is wanting your love but where is your love? Where is your heart? You said it was mine, but distance now fills the air Distorting the sound of my heart’s connection to yours. I’ve waited for the connection to be restored. That I could hear again your heartbeat in my ears, and it would fill my heart with you. But the beat is so faint, and it seems to be slowing down. Don’t leave me my love. Don’t leave, my heart. Where will the beat come from if it’s not from you?

Love is….



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