“How Did This Happen to Me?” by Zahra Bailey


You were always that one factor in my life
That constant that was always the same
But suddenly that factor was cracked
And you started to constantly change

You would smile at me and I loved you
The warmth that radiated was contagious
then the smile turned to harsh judgment
and the accusations became outrageous

You’re not worth my love anymore
You started saying over and over again
But where did this come, this loathing and hate
I thought you were that one true friend

How did this happen to me, to us
We were always on one accord
Where did this malice come from
How did we come to this discord

Like so many others, the hurt that I felt
Wasn’t coming from another place
It came from the most unlikely source
The mirror that held my face

How could this happen to me?
Quite frankly, I am not alone.
I had to re-set my mind and push forward
Until the self sabotage was gone.

I was breaking my own heart
By not believing in me
And now, I have changed my outlook
And becoming who I was destined to be

~Zahra Bailey

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