“In My Feelings” by Rhoshonda Adkison

There’s an overcast over my heart and the clouds are filling with the emotions I feel in this life. Many storms have rolled in from all directions and they are now targeting my most valuable possession. My heart. My heart is feeling pain today that I can’t even put into words. I want to empty them out but there seems to be a blockage that’s keeping me from the flow that I am used to functioning in. So I go for a drive, piano music playing but the overcast seems to be following me everywhere I go. I wanna run to him and pour my soul out but he’s preoccupied with his own cares to even see the clouds forming in my eyes. I’m just about to erupt but I decide to keep driving. I’ve come to a place where the water is moving so briskly, but so are the clouds. They seem to know exactly how I am feeling on the inside. I want to release the moisture building in the corners of my eyes but who will hear the words my tears are speaking. Each tear is a word of release so that I can breathe again. So my heart can live again. These tears are a release of the aching in my heart. Releasing the heaviness of this day. Winds of comfort, blow the overcast away and allow a ray of hope that it won’t always be this way. Overcast.
Daddy’s Girl

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