“Love” By Ego Slayer


I dream of you in colors that don’t exist
Reminds me of..
You’re a color that doesn’t exist, what are you?
Reminds me of..
The first time I dreamed of you, our bodies melted together to create a custom rainbow filled with every color of emotion to be felt between a man and a woman
Reminds me of..
crying diamond encrusted blue tears over the black void in my mind where my fantasies of you lived
Reminds me of..
wiping away the red love stained words off the white board of my mind to be replaced with the gray of the soulless information I could fill in the time
Reminds me of..
It reminds me of why I just focus on things and understand them better in black and white.
Reminds me of..
reminds me of waking up just in time, in time to realize. That color. So simple. Can define so many moments in time.
It reminds me that time flies
But I’m the pilot
It’s never about the destination
It’s about the journey you take to get there
It’s not about vacations home
It’s about having a life I don’t need a vacation from
It’s reminds me that I’m important
I’m the prize
I’m the golden covered trophy
That commands the attention of your eyes
I’m the rainbow of hope in the sky after a storm of pain
I am the melanin that God dipped his paintbrush in to create the art of land
I am worth taking the broken crayons and melting them back together to create a new color with a new shine
I’m the color that no matter how chipped, how damaged, how broken , I’ll draw just fine.
It’s reminds me that though being betrayed and thrown to the side
I’m still going to find the perfect picture that my creative shape colors inside the lines of
It’s reminds me that just because you took the time to unpeel my paper and start to draw with my colors and allowed my colors to melt in lust over your canvas and casually move to a different crayon
That I still left a mark on your canvas that can’t be erased
It reminds me that
That I dream of you in colors that don’t exist
It reminds me of
You’re a color that doesn’t exist
But so am I.
Well just agree to to coexist in a black and white world.
I just had to see your true colors to see if they had to power to help me illustrate the most creative piece of colorful art in this thing we call life.

~Ego Slayer

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