“Love Don’t Give Up On Me” By Sheritta Johnson


Growing up, looking at love was like a dream
Old couples, in public, made it look like a breeze.
It was the private scenes that made you ask
Is this what I want, is this love I really need?
After not being able to find love in the immediate realm
Love was searched for in outward faces
You know, like the song says,
Looking for love in all the wrong places.
That’s when you encounter physical love
That love that makes you go weak at the knees and melt
That feeling of love that you’ve never experienced before
Where your mind thinks you are going to live life wet.
Then you decide to marry,
not for love, but for life.
You forget everything you’ve seen
and decide to be someone’s wife.
In your mind, you decide
You can do better than what you’ve seen
In your zeal, you talk yourself into
Believing you’ll live the life of a queen
Then reality sets in and you have to realize
Love with marriage isn’t anything you imagined.
It really is like what you’ve seen
Takes such hard work that you ask to be pardoned.
Your divorce gives you back your freedom
Not totally, because now you have children to feed
Somewhere during their raising,
You decide this is the life you were meant to lead.
Now the children are grown, grand-kids a plenty
You pray they find love that is genuine and real
Love they can trust, believe and rely on
Not treat as a transaction on Let’s make a deal.
Being transparent, you’ve been single far too long
Your memories now are just as vivid as then
One day you’ll forget the distorted love you remember
You ask love not to give up, cause one day you hope to let him in
Love that brings a natural chemistry
Love that isn’t just between friends
The kind of love that ignites a spark
Never dims and last until time ends.

~Sheritta E. Johnson

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