“Love Song” by Laquiesha Duncan


If I were to write you a love song, all that it would be
Is “The Sweet Sound Of Love” as you and I make the perfect harmony.
You walked into my life gently strumming in my heartstrings like a Spanish guitar.
And I allowed your words to sing to my soul and showcase how amazing you are.
Before our chords crossed our lives moved to a different tune.
But then the scales changed everything rearranged
When we entered the same room
Instantly, we were drawn like notes perfectly placed
In position,
To transition,
To another time and space,
Floating on cloud nine as we vibe to the rhythm of our heartbeats.
The lining of our spirits became so in sync.
For the two now be in unison as one.
The bass that emits strong and comparable to none.
See this melody is one I’ll forever have on repeat
To display our composition for all the world to see,
To leave such a legacy as sweet as the day is long to exude such passion, ecstasy every time we jammed my perfect Love Song.

~Laquiesha Duncan

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