“My Apology To Love” By Sheritta Johnson


Love, where are you?
How did I piss you off!
Did I do something I don’t remember?
When did you decide to shutoff?
I remember you being special,
I remember you being kind.
I noticed you were partly missing,
When you weren’t always on my mind.
I’m not looking for sex
I’m not looking for lust
I’m looking for happiness
I’m looking for trust
Love, let me know what I didn’t do
I’ll do my damnedest to fix it
Love, please tell me what I did
so I don’t feel like such a hypocrite!
Then love reminded me of who I gave it to
Little bits and pieces, all over town.
To people that didn’t deserve it
Where it was depleted and rundown.
I hurt loves feelings by giving it all out
And never replenishing the tank
I allowed my heart to turn into a stone wall
Frozen over like a snowbank
Love, please allow me to apologize
I feel so sorry that I didn’t think.
I allowed you to reach empty
And led others to believe love stinks.
I know I let you be mismanaged
Forgive me for allowing you to be abused
If you can please come back,
I promise not to allow you to be misused.
I promise to take better care of you
Give me another chance for romance.
I thawed my heart to allow it to be loved
And can’t wait for you to be enhanced.

~Sheritta E. Johnson

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