“Paper Dream” By James Newell


What is it called when you realize you’re not her type?
When you come to the conclusion that even though she is (possibly) everything you could want in a woman, but you’re nowhere near her desired fit.
You probably would worship the ground she walks on, not to mention going way out of character just to please her, but could she say the same for you?
Too much work to convince her otherwise right?
Like if the vibe is there then there’s no denying the flow that follows,
But all you get is a cold shoulder as you stand in awe while blindly missing the fact she just ignored you.
Yet her figure and smile is the only hope you have for being the one.
Something about that feminine work of art has convinced you there is a chance in some weird warped way that is far from reality yet just ignorant enough to believe it could happen.
Yet reality sits quietly as it slowly reveals it’s stubborn head to prove your stupidity wrong.
She’s only nice to you because she is…
Judgment has already been passed.
Regardless of how unfair it is like running a credit check,
You just don’t have what it takes to be her one,
And it finally sinks in,
“She’s not it, bruh”
Fantasies won’t make it any better.
Playing the good dude roll in slow-mo will only waste valuable time.
Your compliments will only validate the self-centered thoughts that constantly smear her mirror,
And that day when she realizes it should have been you all the long?
Forget about it.
Yeah she’s a dream catch,
But pinup dolls are named that for a reason.
Stick to Reality……..

~James Newell

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