“The Kaleidoscope Effect” By Kenisha Jones


When will my heart play along to the melodic rhythm of another’s heart beat?

Connecting in a way that speaks to the masses, but only we can understand the definition of what’s really being said.

(Boom Boom…..Boom Boom….Boom Boom)

Simultaneously, the tones escalate to match the aura of our bodies when near, as our chemistry grows out of control to the point of no return.

Wooing me, not only with your touch, but your very presence, your existence excites me.

It ignites the fire within to accept your spark.

The blaze that’s created cannot be consumed.

What we make is magical.

What comes from it is beyond what you can phantom…Close your eyes and imagine the stars colliding together in the galaxy.

Think about what kind of picture that would be.

That’s how I feel after you take me into that special place where I zone out and get lost with you.

You can pull the Kaleidoscope Effect out of me….giving me an out of space feeling….believing I’m so high that I see multiples of me…see that’s the effect you have on me…..So you see the melody that plays within has different components when connected to you….it becomes a symphony creating music for the stars to dance to……

Kaleidoscope Effect

~Kenisha Jones

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