“The Last Time” by Ariel Mond


I never thought my last time would’ve been my last time,
My last time gazing into your round brown eyes
Losing myself into a “promised” future without any worries or whys.
My last time feeling your strong embrace.
You always said I possessed so much Dignity & Grace.
My last time feeling the warmth of your lips pressed against mine.
Our hearts engulfed with the feeling of being in love and instantly aligned.
My last time hearing you hum sweet melodies in my ear.
You made me a priority showing me your love was genuinely real and sincere.
My last time anticipating our private getaways from the stress of life,
Hoping and praying one day you would make me your wife.
My last time hearing your soft yet stern manly voice,
Knowing that loving you was the right choice.
Now I’m here staring at these four walls,
Reminiscing on how I had it all.
Hurt from the pain we both caused,
Asking myself would things be different if I would’ve pressed pause.
If I would’ve stopped the jealousy, negative comments, and thoughts,
Maybe an uphill battle would have never been fought.
I told you once, I’ve told you twice.
No one would ever compare to you in my life.
But it’s a must I free myself from loving you,
In order for my broken heart to heal and become a better brand new.

~Ariel Mond

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