“Turbulent Roller-Coaster Ride” by Kenisha Jones


The thought of the thrill is exciting, Anticipating to be picked, Being navigated to your place, Strapped in…ready, set, go. No turning back now. Here comes the adrenaline Frontin’ and stuntin’ as if I never second guessed, Thinking to self may be this is not a good idea Seeing how others whispered about their experiences. Yeah I thought…I’m different what I can handle others may not. Slowly there’s movement, Escalating to higher heights, Loving the excitement, the anticipation of this journey. So I throw my hands up, As instructed. I trust what was said Not knowing what lies ahead. Approaching there’s a drop as far as I can see. So here goes nothing Swooosh…….. In full speed taking every frontal hit. I can’t quit now because I’m in too deep Thinking where’s everyone. They could’ve stopped me I’m screaming…out of fear and confusion as to why in the hell did I do this to myself. The more I screamed the weaker my voice became I couldn’t hear myself due to the screaming of the instructor. Not knowing the instructor didn’t know what to do either. Blind leading the blind. Only rule given was to trust you. Beaten and battered by the winds. At this point I gave up I quit I just wanted it to come to an end. Finally back to a stop waiting on Instructions to be released. I sit and wait. No Instructions given Before getting frustrated I hear a sound. A sound of freedom. A sign to move as quickly as possible to the right. Walking quickly to get away as far as I can. Stopped to turn back to make sure I captured mentally what that ride looked like to never ride it again.

~Kenisha Jones

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